AXIA supports the IP training workshop under the GREENER project

GREENER is one of the H2020 projects AXIA is participating in, where bioremediation technologies are in the focus of the technological developments in both soi and groundwater. AXIA is leading the dissemination and communication activities, in the framework of which we have supported the organisation of an IP workshop led by the project’s exploitation and innovation manager Sustainable Innovaitions.

Through this webinar an overview of the key aspects in the field of intellectual property management (IP) for EU-funded collaborative projects was provided with a special focus on the biotechnology industry. Overall good IP practices were discussed, as well as means on how freedom to operate of the joint and individual results is guaranteed. The target audience of the event included the GREENER project partners’ network, as well as similar collaborative / EU-funded projects and bioremediation industry stakeholders, interested to get more insights on the IP protection in the Biotechnology Industry.

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This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 826312.