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AXIA Innovation Provides Internal Exploitation & IPR Workshop to BIO-SUSHY Project Partners

On May 24th, AXIA Innovation – leader of the Work Package on Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation of the BIO-SUSHY Horizon Europe project – conducted an intensive internal workshop to enhance the project partners’ exploitation and intellectual property rights (IPR) strategies. The workshop, part of the BIO-SUSHY Exploitation Plan, focused on identifying Key Exploitable Results (KERs)

AXIA at the 1st International Conference on Lightweight Materials

We recently had the pleasure of attending the 1st International Conference on Lightweight Materials in Milan, where we showcased our latest projects and innovations in the field by presenting Bionanopolys, LEE-BED-H2020 , BIOMAC , and Sustain a Print projects, alongside the collaborative projects with EXELISIS, LightCoce Project and FLAMINGo Project H2020. Our team at AXIA Innovation participated in an engaging poster session,

Bionanopolys Open Call

Many entrepreneurs and researchers face difficulties in getting their ideas validated or upscaled due to the high costs and lack of resources. The Bionanopolys European H2020 project dedicated to developing biotechnology and nanotechnology-based solutions provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organisations to get their novel ideas validated and/or upscaled for free through its Open

ProFuture 42M meeting

 Microalgae proteins… Odor, taste, color, process efficiency, environmental restrictions, energy consumption, market prices… We can add more parameters that impact the optimal solution when someone needs to decide how to produce innovative food or feed…Seems to be chaotic! For sure! This is why AXIA Innovation is leading the activities towards the development of a Decision Support

Bionanopolys video

We’re thrilled to share this video showcasing the Bionanopolys h2020 project and the service portfolio in bionanomaterials and polymer bionanocomposites. The consortium, where AXIA Innovation plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of the OITB, has been working hard to offer a full range of services, and we’re proud to showcase them in this video and show how


Looking forward to collaborate with you

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