AXIA’s high qualified experts share their experience and get committed to create value, deliver concrete and progressiveinnovation within your network, by collaborating with the most competent experts and with the best partners, as well as by setting our standard for value creation extremely high. Fully understanding the rules of various funding schemes, both national (e.g. DFG, BMBF, BMWi and AiF) and international (e.g. Horizon 2020) includingits participation and administrative rules,itis a key asset for our clients development. AXIA develops, writes, and gets in charge of structuring your research ideas raising capitals and advancing your business. Our services target the following:


Proposal Management & Writing

In AXIA we are following a proven and successful methodology for acquiring the appropriate fund for our customers in order to bring yourideas in the market. Together with our clients we evaluate, improve and finalize ideas targeting to maximize the innovation capacity and market impact. Based on our clients’ needs, ambitions and targets we scan through the most relevant funding opportunities in European and National programs leading to an overview of the possible funding sources and to offer practical advice on

how to reach them. Following the first stage and having chosen the most appropriate funding source, we proceed with the development of the application. Main part of this stage is the Partnership setting up that should be sufficiently strong, experienced, complementary and interdisciplinary in its nature to ensure successful project implementation.Development of a successful application requires an in depth knowledge of EU policies and regulations and access to a European network of potential partners and experts, as well as good working relationship with the relevant EU authorities. In AXIA we have established a wide network across Europe that includes well known Universities and Research Centers, as well as strong and competitive industrial partners.

Concerning the development of the application we focus on the establishment of both technical and market oriented SMART objectives that can become the backbone of the whole project. Based on them we proceed in the description of technical innovations and the impact of the proposed technology in our clients and the wider European market and society. Our experienced team undertakes also all the necessary administrative and financial parts for the submission of the application.


AXIA is organizing and carrying out a number of internal and external training workshops. For this purpose, a set of materials, including training manuals and guidelines are developed and prepared. The training workshops areorganized for two different target groups, internal training (aimed at internal staff) and external training (aimed at liaison). Training courses for successful application for national and European funding are available for company groups or Research Centers and Universities.

It will be our pleasure to work with you in the field of European and National funding and we are expressing our commitment to serve your innovative ideas!

Looking forward to collaborate with you

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