AXIA provides professional project management services to a number of clients (e.g. Research Institutes, SMEs or consortia of partners).  We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced personnel to realise business benefits and meets Time, Cost and Quality Expectations of the projects.

Research Projects management

AXIA is undertaking the management of Research and Innovation projects in both national and European level. Our project managers have vast experience in coordinating research project with consortia varying from 1 to even up to 35 partners. We are being in charge of the administration matters (e.g. contracts and project agreement documents, amendments etc.), organization aspects (consortium meetings, web castings, etc.), reporting to the competent entities (templates for project documents, contributes aggregation, reports preparation, etc.) and of the whole implementation of the project (following deliverables and milestones, monitoring the progress, providing risk assessment and others).

Financial management

Our high qualified financial managers setup the entire budget of project and monitor the project costs of your initiatives. We provide advices to consortia and applicants of EU and national funding scheme concerning the financial rules. It is crucial for the successful implementation of the project to detect the obligations related to the signing of agreements and financial rules and to set up administrative and financial monitoring tools.

Meetings organization

The organization of a project meeting for discussing the progress of the project or a major conference to gather stakeholders and disseminate the results of your project is within AXIA’s portfolio. Various actions are included hereby for example all logistical aspects are covered under this umbrella, all well-defined dissemination aspects and information of events are drafted before and after the project events.

Dissemination & Exploitation management

Dissemination, communication and exploitation of the project results has become a key asset in research, development and innovation.

Within communication activities AXIA designs and runs fully-integrated campaigns to communicate your business message within your network and the European stakeholders and to enhances, improves and develops your own organization strategy. Marketing is also an important point to implement tailored communication campaigns and to develop marketing materials best suited to the messages you need to convey.

AXIA has experience in planning and developing all the digital and social media (website, media networks and videos) including printed project dissemination materials (brochures, flyers, posters, factsheets and roll-ups).

In brief the main goals are:

Looking forward to collaborate with you

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