AXIA was founded by a group of people with strong orientation in Research and Innovation activities and a long experience in the field. Members of our group have operated as CEO, in both established and startup research intensive companies and have accomplished numerousprojects related to funding research initiatives, innovation management and successful technology transfer of the results.

In order for consulting companies to be able to compete in dynamic markets, they need to quickly and flexibly adapt to new conditions. Our company believes that the quality of content and the acceptance of change processes are two significantaspects.The “human factor” is of key importance, not only focusingonsolutions to the factual level: Fundamental success requiresaa sustainable change of action and cooperation patterns at the individual level.

Thus AXIA has selected an experienced team that consists of talented business planning professionals involved in different sectorial areas.The academic background of the company’semployeescombinesboth technical and business disciplines, with most of them holding PhD and M.Sc. degrees in engineering (chemical, materials or mechanical), law and financials. Our people have long experience in the field of public funding, project management and innovation management and therefore,are the most valuable asset of AXIA.

Looking forward to collaborate with you

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