AXIA innovation has attended BioNanoPolys 36M Review meeting in Valencia

AXIA innovation has attended BioNanoPolys 36M Review meeting in Valencia. BioNanoPolys is an European H2020 project, which is an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) for Developing Safe Nano-Enabled Bio-Based Materials & Polymer Bionanocomposites For Multifunctional And New Advanced Applications. As Work Package Leader, AXIA has presented all the progress that has been done during the

“Navigating Mycelium’s Potential: MY-FI Project’s Publication in World Patent Information”

  Exciting News! Our manuscript, “Navigating the Mycelium Patent Maze: A Holistic Approach to Patent Mapping in Production Technologies,” is accepted in “World Patent Information” journal, a milestone for the MY-FI Project. Offering a comprehensive view, it identifies key contributors and technologies, evaluating mycelium material’s potential in fashion and automotive applications. This marks the first


  Thrilling updates from the MY-FI Project ! Today AXIA Innovation participated in the My-FI 40M Review Meeting. In the meeting, our colleague Cristina Onorato showcased the accomplishments in WP7: Gear up to Market. A comprehensive patent mapping analysis and a well-structured market feasibility study were executed and presented. AXIA remains committed to assisting partners in

AXIA Participates in BIO-SUSHY Project M12 Review Meeting and General Assembly

On January 25th and 26th, AXIA participated in the 1st Review meeting and Consortium meeting of the BIO-SUSHY project as the leader of exploitation, communication, dissemination, and standardization (under the responsibility of Asociación Española de Normalización: UNE) activities under Work Package 5. The meeting marked the month 12 meeting and was held at the facilities


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