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AccelWater 8M Coordination Meeting

Axia Innovation is participating in the 8 month coordination meeting of the AccelWater project. The project focuses on “Accelerating Water Circularity in Food and Beverage Industrial Areas around Europe”. AXIA is leading WP9 related to the “Business Cases and Exploitation Strategy” and in particular: Business plans and market deployment strategy Marketing activities IPR Management Policy

GREENER 24M meeting

Axia Innovation participated in the 24M meeting of the GREENER project. The meeting was held online on 13 and 14 April 2021. AXIA is leading Dissemination and Communication Activities as well as Training Sessions during the Project, as we were happy to present them to the consortium. This project has received funding for the European

MASTRO 36M review meeting

Axia Innovation was attending the 36M review meeting of the Mastro Project 19th of January. AXIA was leading Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities under the MASTRO project and gave today a presentation on the progress achieved in each subtask including: online performance & new dissemination material released individual business plans development for the industrial partners

MASTRO 30M interim meeting

Axia Innovation participated in the 30M interim remote meeting on 15th July of the MASTRO Project The consortium discussed the project progress so far and the future steps for the next period. AXIA presented the progress of WP9 – Innovation strategy, initial exploitation, business plan, and dissemination, focusing on the new dissemination material under development

LEE-BED 18M review meeting

Axia Innovation participated in the online 18M review meeting of the LEE-BED project on 8th July, focusing on the development and manufacturing of nanomaterials and lightweight embedded electronics. Axia Innovation leads phase 3 activities focusing on the knowledge transfer, while also participating in the patent landscaping, business models development and the dissemination and communication activities


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