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AXIA Innovation’s Key Role at LIGNICOAT M36 Meeting in Stavanger

AXIA Innovation participated in the LIGNICOAT consortium’s M36 meeting in Stavanger, Norway. The gathering, held on June 19th and 20th, focused on the project’s significant milestones and future directions. AXIA highlighted its ongoing work on key deliverables, including the Clustering Activities report and the Final Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR). During the

AXIA Participated in BIO-SUSHY Project M18 General Assembly

On June 17th, AXIA participated in the BIO-SUSHY project consortium meeting as the leader of exploitation, communication, and dissemination activities under Work Package 5. The month 18 meeting, held in hybrid form, took place in the vibrant city of Limassol, Cyprus, as part of the MaterialsWeek conference. During the meeting, the focus was on the

AXIA Innovation at the Polymers 2024 MDPI Conference for LIGNICOAT project

AXIA Innovation, partner in the LIGNICOAT project and leader of Work Package 6 on Dissemination and Exploitation, recently participated in the Polymers 2024 conference. The conference took place in Athens, Greece, on May 28-31, 2024, and was attended by around 300 participants. At the conference, AXIA Innovation played a strategic role as our CEO, Dr.

AXIA at the Polymers 2024 MDPI Conference in Athens

AXIA Innovation, a partner of the BIO-SUSHY project and leader of the work package on measures to maximize impact through communication, dissemination, and exploitation, recently participated in the Polymers 2024 conference held from May 28-31, 2024, in Athens, Greece. This conference was an excellent platform to present the project’s innovative solutions in sustainable polymer applications.

AXIA organising the GREENER Final Conference and Cluster Workshop

In a successful partnership, AXIA Innovation and EXELISIS co-organised the GREENER final conference and Cluster Workshop, an integral satellite event within the BioRemid 2023 conference. This platform was dedicated to the exchange of bioremediation techniques. Alongside the GREENER project, sister EU-funded initiatives such as BIOSYSMO, NYMPHE, MIBIREM, SYMBIOREM, EiCLAR, and ELECTRA were highlighted for their


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