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Bionanopolys 1st Executive Board Meeting

Today we attended the Bionanopolys First Executive Board meeting! We gathered to review the project´s activities accomplished so far and the WPs’ progress and performance. Also, we shared an overview of the planning for the upcoming months.

LightMe Intra-Ecosystem Training

Under the frames of Open Innovation, Axia Innovation has conducted today the 2nd Intra – Ecosystem Training (IET) of LightMe related to Innovation Management and Business Plans! The Training was divided into two parts and covered first: Insights about Innovation Management in an Open Innovation Environment SWOT & PESTLE analysis The Business Model CANVAS (BMC)

LightMe 24M meeting

Axia Innovation participated in the 24M meeting of the LightMe project which took place on the 3rd and 4th of February! Partners discussed about the progress made, paying special attention to the upgrades on the pilot lines and the setup of all services offered by the ecosystem in order to host the LightMe Open Call.


Looking forward to collaborate with you

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