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AXIA – Identified as Key Innovator for MASTRO

Axia Innovation has been identified as a key innovator by the Innovation Radar of the European Commission for our work in the H2020 Mastro Project! Axia Innovation was in charge of the exploitation activities within MASTRO, an activity which resulted into obtaining deep “Knowledge related to the exploitation of self-responsive products” for our company! We

MASTRO Project’s last video by AXIA

Check out our Mastro Project video!   This project comes to end, and with this video you can understand in an easy way the project objectives, partners‘ actions, and all the results and outcomes of the MASTRO consortium.   Enjoy our video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efb5OUBWhek   Like and subscribe at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZs2b9y4zxUq6XyY0_XZqHA   This project

MASTRO 30M interim meeting

Axia Innovation participated in the 30M interim remote meeting on 15th July of the MASTRO Project The consortium discussed the project progress so far and the future steps for the next period. AXIA presented the progress of WP9 – Innovation strategy, initial exploitation, business plan, and dissemination, focusing on the new dissemination material under development

H2020 MASTRO 24M meeting in Salerno, Italy

AXIA Innovation participated in the 24M Interim Project Meeting of MASTRO that took place at the premises of the University of Salerno, Italy on 29th January 2020. The 24M meeting was an opportunity for partners to discuss the project’s progress over the past months and to plan for the months ahead. Partners also shared events

1st review meeting of MASTRO Project

On 3-4 July 2019, AXIA Innovation together with other partners of MASTRO project participated in the fourth project meeting and first review meeting of the project that took place in Brussels. The meeting was held in order to assess the first 18 months of the project and discuss feedback on the activities carried out during


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