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ProFuture 30M GA Meeting

Innovation in food and feed! A new generation of proteins based on microalgae! This is the ProFuture Project!AXIA Innovation, part of the WP7 that deals with the assessment of the value chain, presented the progress of the work towards the development of a tool for the systematic overview of the new value chains based on

ProFuture 24M meeting

Today Axia Innovation took part at the 24M meeting to discuss the project progress and the next future steps! AXIA is part of the WP7 dealing with the assessment of the value chain Check out the ProFuture project at: https://www.facebook.com/profuture.eu2020   This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program

ProFuture meeting

Axia Innovation is excited to participate in the ProFuture remote meeting, on 11th May. ProFuture consortium works together to create impact on the Future Microalgae Industry. The project partners presented the work that has been done so far, concentrating on an effective planning for future actions. This project has received funding for the European Union

H2020 ProFuture: Packing microalgae protein in foods and feeds

Grant agreement ID: 862980 Funded under: LC-SFS-17-2019 – Alternative proteins for food and feed Microalgae are a valuable source of protein-rich elements for healthy food and feed products that limit energy and water consumption. However, production and processing costs of microalgal biomass are still high. Advanced technologies are needed to augment productiveness and lower costs. The


Looking forward to collaborate with you

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