36 GA meeting of ProFuture

AXIA visits Paris for the 36 GA meeting of the ProFuture Project!

After two years of pandemic, we are finally making it to meet in person with this great consortium with innovative ideas within the industry of food and feed! We are coming all together to work out on how to integrate microalgae proteins in the food and feed industry. Others with experiments, others with studies of public acceptance and market penetration, and we at AXIA Innovation with the assessment of the value chain in a holistic manner to provide an Decision Support Tool guiding stakeholders in this innovative area!

We have the opportunity to have on board partners from the industrial sector to share with us properties and criteria to be included in the #Decision Support Tool, so that we will be able to deliver a useful valuable assessment tool incorporating the real needs of the market in a user friendly environment.

If you are keen on nutrients, alternativeproteins, innovative ingredients in your diet please check below!

This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 862980.