Grant agreement ID:101135965Funded under: HORIZON-CL4-2023-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-CNECT The SAFARI project aims to develop new 2D materials using sustainable and safe processes. The project focuses on creating hybrid formulations of MXenes and Graphene (Gr), which are known to possess unique and desirable properties such as thermal stability electrical conductivity. The goal of the project is to develop sustainable

AXIA Innovation Marks Milestone Achievement with the Launch of Pathway Assessment Tool Software

AXIA Innovation has launched a Decision Support Tool (DST) software as part of the ProFutureEU Project. This software revolutionizes the assessment of microalgae value chains in food and feed production, marking a significant milestone. The software is a powerful tool in the journey towards sustainable food and feed production empowering the stakeholders to make decisions.

AXIA at the M30 LIGNICOAT meeting in Nice

AXIA Innovation shared its progress and plans at the M30 consortium meeting of the LIGNICOAT project. Hosted by the ARDITEC Association, the two-day meeting took place on November 22nd and 23rd, focusing on the project’s progress and future steps for the last year of the project. AXIA presented their updates as work package leader of

AXIA at BIOSYSMO M12 Online Meeting

AXIA participated in the General Assembly meeting for the BIOSYSMO project, held online on October 26-27th. The goal of this meeting was to present the progress of work done in the last six months and the work plan for the next period. BIOSYSMO is a 48-month project that will develop a computationally-assisted framework for designing

AXIA at My-FI Meeting in Chieti, Italy

In a two-day engagement, our colleague, Cristina Onorato, actively participated in the 36th General Meeting and the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) gathering of My-FI, held in Chieti, Italy. This meeting was organized by the Dyloan BOND factory and served as a platform for exchanging cutting-edge insights. AXIA is entrusted with WP7 activities, focusing on the


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