AXIA at Industrial Technologies 2022 congress, in Grenoble

This week AXIA is participating in Industrial Technologies 2022 Congress, held in Grenoble (France).

An event for research organisations, industrial actors and policy makers to discuss current trends, challenges and solution for the competitive sustainability of European Industry. Check more info in

AXIA will be participating in some plenary sessions such as Key Technologies for Future Society and Competitiveness, Safe and Sustainable-by-Design and Hubs for Circularity in European regions and cities where we seek to obtain the state of the art and the upcoming developments to build up a proper circular economy within the industry

Parallel, there is a European Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) Village Festival, organised by Fraunhofer FEP together with HaDEA and the European Commission, showcasing the results and demonstrators of European funded OITB projects.

On the 30th of June, there will be a workshop “Open Innovation Test Beds as a Service to the Industry”, where some of the European OITBS are invited to share common challenges, lessons learnt and good practices towards a successful sustainability for the future of these ecosystems.

The workshop will target discussions from the Business Model and legal challenges of the establishment of the Single Entry Points (SEP) to Services offered and Open Calls aiming to attract new clients to request access to those services. The closing session focuses on recommendations toward European Commission for future OITB support and strategy.