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AXIA at the LIGNICOAT 12M Meeting

Today AXIA Innovation attended the LIGNICOAT 12M General Meeting. LIGNICOAT project is reaching its first year! The aim of LIGNICOAT project is to propose new synthetic routes to produce lignin-derived bioresins for coatings. The project’s overall aim is to demonstrate technical, economic and environmental viability. AXIA Innovation is WP6 leader in charge of dissemination and

AXIA – Identified as Key Innovator for LightCoce

AXIA Innovation proudly announces that has been identified as a key innovator for the innovation developed in the EU funded LightCoce project: ‘Single Entry Point Platform to an innovation fostering ecosystem for lightweight, nano-enabled and multifunctional materials’ This innovation has been analysed by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar and has been identified as Business ready

AXIA’s and LEE-BED Phase I partners’ publication

Under the lead of Fraunhofer, AXIA Innovation made one publication related to the LEE-BED project, along with DTI, CPI, ITENE, SIE and TPU. The publication titled: “Accelerating sustainable development and production of nanomaterials and printed electronics” has aimed at highlighting the LEE-BED open innovation test bed for printed electronics (PE), offering a time-efficient three-step process


Looking forward to collaborate with you

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