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REDONDO 6M General Assembly meeting in Valencia

Today AXIA Innovation is attending the 6M General Assembly Meeting for the Redondo project in Valencia, at the ITENE’s premises! Our colleague Cristina Onorato is presenting the PLACE-ME tool for the identification of the REDONDO optimal ValueChain, the exploitation plan and the strategy for the IPR protection that will be implemented during the project! Check the REDONDO website for more info: https://www.redondo-project.eu/en/normal/home   The REDONDO

AXIA presented Bionanopolys OITB service portfolio

Today our colleague Raquel Moreno Martín presented how to access the Bionanopolys OITB service portfolio in the official Open Call launch event organized by ITENE. The Open Call is an invitation until 30 April for new test cases to receive FREE of charge access to these state-of-the-art services specialised in bionanocomposites and biobased nanomaterials. Find out how to benefit

Bionanopolys Open Call
Biobased nanomaterials: a sustainable solution for a wide range of applications

Biobased nanomaterials, which are derived from renewable sources such as plants, are gaining increasing attention for their potential to replace traditional materials in a wide range of applications. These materials have unique properties that make them suitable for use in fields such as textiles and pharmaceuticals, packaging, and foams. One of the key advantages of


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