BioNanopolys – German stakeholder event

AXIA Innovation and STFI, the German partners of Bionanopolys OITB H2020 Project, are organising an online German Stakeholder Event on the 9th of June 2022, to present the Bionanopolys Innovation Ecosystem, aiming to the production of safe nano-enable bio-based materials & polymer nanocomposites.  

This open online workshop, held in English, aims to explain the Bionanopolys OITB developments, technologies, and services in the field of bionanomaterials and nanocomposites and targets SMEs, industries, research and academic institutions, end-users and other relevant audiences interested in applications, such as packaging, textiles and non-woven, 3D printing, and cosmetics.

During the event ITENE, the project coordinator, represented by Carmen Sanchez, will present an overview and expected impact of Bionanopolys OITB and Textisol, a Spanish SME producing non-woven textiles, participating as an end-user in the project, will present the benefits of participating in the Bionanopolys OITB.

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Bionanopolys OITB info:

This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 953206.