AXIA at BIOSYSMO M12 Online Meeting

AXIA participated in the General Assembly meeting for the BIOSYSMO project, held online on October 26-27th. The goal of this meeting was to present the progress of work done in the last six months and the work plan for the next period.

BIOSYSMO is a 48-month project that will develop a computationally-assisted framework for designing and optimizing synergistic biosystems in order to succeed in the most efficient degradation and sequestration of pollutant mixtures. AXIA is the leader of Work Package 7, focusing on the Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitations activities. More specifically,  AXIA presented the work done regarding innovation and knowledge management.

The M12 consortium meeting of the BIOSYSMO was an excellent opportunity to know the latest developments done by all the partners as well as a great moment for discussions and knowledge sharing about bioremediation.

If you would like to learn more about the project and its latest achievements, visit BIOSYSMO’s website:

BIOSYSMO Consortium meets online for the M12 meeting.


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