SurfBio Industrial Workshop

SurfBio Innovation Hub for Surface and Colloid Biology Research is one of the EU-funded H2020 project that AXIA is participating in.

As part of the Innovation Hub activities, JSI jointly with AXIA and supported by UBU are organizing a SurfBio workshop including a poster session, aiming to involve Academia, Industry, Policymakers and regulators, on the novel achievements related with the SurfBio approaches in the fields of Material Science, Food, Agriculture and Environment. The event is taking place in a hybrid mode (virtual and physical attendance) on the 8th of November in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Coordinated by the Jožef Stefan Institute- JSI, SurfBio aims at connecting Academia, Industry, NGOs and policymakers targeting the Bioeconomy challenges and the regulatory burdens, jointly with the biobased industrial innovation addressing the social demands. The partners supporting JSI are AXIA Innovation and Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf EV from Germany, Universidad de Burgos from Spain, Wageningen University from the Netherlands and Universiteit Gent from Belgium.

The technical grounds are the research in the cell-surface interaction field is being addressed from either a biological or a materials science perspective, usually with limited outputs due to the complexity of this topic. The application of both, state-of-the-art spectroscopy and microscopy analytic technologies, microbiology and systems biology tools to study microbial surface interactions can lead to a better understanding of the processes occurring at their interface, which will contribute to providing ad-hoc solutions for materials design with enhanced properties, such as more durable materials (reducing losses), improved antimicrobial surfaces (health sector) or better microbial supports to increase the productivity of bioprocesses (pharma, food, agriculture).

Besides, JSI will lead an emerging discipline, supported by AXIA Innovation, coordinating expert institutions in synergistic fields, finally launching an Innovation Hub as a Professional Non-profit Association in Ljubljana to provide research services and assessment to material designers and biotechnology researchers, academy, industry and/or policymakers, boosting competences in Slovenia, Europe and globally.

This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 952379.