MOZART´s first review Meeting 18M

For the past 18 months, t the MOZART EU Project have been resonating with us! Today we marked the 1st Review meeting, where AXIA Innovation presented the strides made in our work.

Our efforts are channeled into two pivotal work packages:

WP7: SSbD Assessment Framework Development AXIA takes the lead in developing a  SSbD assessment framework as an alternative to hard chromium coating selection. We’ve embraced a sequential methodological approach, user interface development, and dimension of the assessment. The journey to c-safe is underway!

WP8: Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation AXIA spearheads Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation activities. Over the past 18 months, our project has been effectively disseminated, reaching stakeholders and audiences in the scientific and industrial realms. Communication was successfully achieved through various social engagement activities. In terms of exploitation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), our patent search results highlight the emerging market area addressed by MOZART. Key Results are structured for exploitation in alignment with our business plan.

Stay tuned for more updates as the MOZART project continues to harmonize innovation!

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