LightMe Intra-Ecosystem Training

Under the frames of Open Innovation, Axia Innovation has conducted today the 2nd Intra – Ecosystem Training (IET) of LightMe related to Innovation Management and Business Plans!

  • The Training was divided into two parts and covered first:
  • Insights about Innovation Management in an Open Innovation Environment
  • SWOT & PESTLE analysis
  • The Business Model CANVAS (BMC) and
  • Risk assessment tools and processes

In the second part partners entered the interactive session using the MIRO platform. The LightMe partners participated actively and brainstormed in order to design 2 CANVAS Business Models:

  • The BMC for the whole LightMe ecosystem and
  • The BMC for the Test Case of Self-cleaning and Antibacterial objects
  • The results will be used in the further development of the LightMe business plans.

For more information on the LightMe project visit:

This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 814552.