Horizon Europe Sustain-a-Print (SaP): Sustainable materials and process for green printed electronics

Grant agreement ID:101070556

Funded under: HORIZON.2.4 – Digital, Industry and Space 

Sustain-a-Print (SaP) is a European Union (EU) Horizon project involving 11 stakeholders from 6 countries among universities, research institutes, large enterprises, and SME’s. It aims to replace fossil-based materials used for printed electronics (PE) production by using recycled, bio-based, and biodegradable alternatives. PE is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the EU, and it is estimated that less than 40% of electronic waste is recycled within the EU. Thus, there is a need to explore new options for electronics that are designed for reuse, repair, and high-quality recycling. PE is an additive manufacturing method that can address these challenges and is characterized by its versatility, scalability, and low material usage, thus making it an ideal candidate for the circular production of electronics in general. The development of sustainable materials and formulations for PE will follow the principles of the Sustainable and Safe by Design (SSbD) concept focusing on reusing and recycling valuable PE materials. Overall, SaP embraces the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan to further advance the circularity potential of electronics and electronic equipment prompted by the dire forecasts for increased resource extraction and waste generation and their detrimental effects on climate and biodiversity.


Read more in SaP’s website: https://www.sustainaprint.eu/