Our new H2020 project FLAMINGo just Kicked-off

FLAMINGo project kicked-off on 18th of February 2021. FLAMINGo is a 4 years project proposing a novel industrial manufacturing route for the efficient production of high performance lightweight Aluminum composite materials thanks to a novel metallurgical and forming combined approach for making automotive parts. FLAMINGo will provide engineering solutions to substitute steel components in BEV automotive parts and achieve a substantial reduction of weight (up to 20%). To reach these goals the project will target the following development steps at prototype and full scale:  The production of nanoparticles concentrated masterbatches of Al-MMC, via solid state mechanical alloying, to assure a complete dispersion of the nanoparticles in the Al metal before inoculation in the melt, Casting of Al-MMC components by inoculating the masterbatch in an Al melt, and homogenize by ultrasonication and electromagnetic stirring systems ,  Production of smaller components (brackets and connectors) by Low Pressure Die Casting LPDC and bigger components, like subframes, by Green Sand Casting to demonstrate broader feasibility and applicability of Al-MMC.

AXIA is leading WP9 of the project, focusing on Exploitation and Dissemination activities, IPR management and Innovation strategies development for the project.

Visit the Project website: http://www.flamingo-project.eu/

This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 101007011.