LIGNICOAT 6M 2days Meeting

On 13th of December, we have met remotely to monitor our work, as part of a 2-day consortium meeting organized on 13th & 14th December 2021.
Under WP1. LIGNIN-BASED INTERMEDIATES and WP3. BIO-ADDITIVES the recent updates were presented and PMs gave an overview of the goals of their recent work.
Do you know the objectives targeted by Lignicoat BBI Project?
  •  To develop new intermediate chemical modification routes based on Lignin.
  •  To develop bio-resins based on lignin intermediates.
  •  To Improve the sustainability of coatings based on the developed bio-resins with similar performance to fossil alternatives.
  •  To demonstrate specific high-volume market functionalities based on lignin-based additives.
  •  To boost significantly the industrial net competitiveness.
On 14th of December was the final day of the two-day meeting held remotely.
The main topics discussed were under WP5: Sustainability assessment (Environmental LCA, Economic LCC, and Social SLCA), WP6: Dissemination and exploitation, as well as WP7: Management. Recent updates were presented and PMs gave an overview of the goals of their recent work and the next steps on each task. Topics such as sustainability, exploitation methodologies, dissemination, the importance of IPR protection, and management-related points were covered.
Do you know the impact targeted by Lignicoat BBI Project?
  •  Establishing a new cross-sectoral interconnection between lignin supply chain and industrial partners.
  •  Creating a new bio-based value chain, opening up new paths for lignin use in developing new bio-coatings.
  •  Investigating the feasibility of 3 new lignin-based bio-based chemicals and 3 new bio-based resins.
  •  Contribution to the EU bioeconomy
  • Creation of new job opportunities in the bioeconomy
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This project has received funding for the European Union H2020’s research and innovation program under the grant agreement number 101023342.