Axia Innovation is looking for a Technical Project Manager.

Position Summary:
Technical Project Manager is responsible for managing implementation projects of new or existing customers of AXIA
Innovation. Candidates should provide a proven experience on the development of computational tools to support
decisions based financial and technological principles.
Desired Skills and Experience

Education and/or Requirements Required:
The incumbent should possess Engineering Degree or equivalent work experience. Ideally owning a degree related to
Chemical or Process Engineering. Holding a PhD degree in relevant fields will be positively considered.

Main responsibilities:
• to engineer technical developments that meet complex project needs
• to develop conceptual based models for the rough prediction of process efficiency
• to prepare a high-Level technical documentation
• to co-ordinate the transition of decision support tool to user-friendly interface platform
• to validate technical documentation, in order to certify the complete execution of the requested work
The activity requires occasional business trips on national and international territory.

Skills required for the position:
• experience in process engineering with excellent knowledge on process synthesis techniques and mathematical
modelling to manage numerous data
• experience in processes related to bio-based products or waste management and recycling
• ability to understand European circular economy aspects and their implementation
• basic knowledge on Life Cycle analysis and techno-economic analysis of processes

Personal skills:
• Excellent communication skills with strong oral and written skills
• Excellent presentation skills
• Strong influencing and negotiating skills
• Self-motivated and able to work independently and with little supervision

Languages: English & German
Excellent knowledge of English language is essential.

To apply for the job email us at:

[email protected]

Looking forward to collaborate with you

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