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LightCoce BayFor announcement

Bavaria is well represented at the LightCoce OITB, starting with the offer of: (1) Pilot Plant (THN), (2) Characterisation Services (FIW), (3) Business Development Services (AXIA) and (4) End user test case in the tiles Industry (Schlagman). All across the innovation cycle, keep tuned and check the article at page 23 of the BayFor 2017-2018

LightCoce Bavarian Partners meet for the NPO

The Bavarian Partners from Technische Hochschule Nürnberg (THN) and AXIA Innovation (AXIA) of the LightCoce OITB met at The Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFor) premises in order to discuss and plan the establishment of the LightCoce Non Profit Organization (NPO), a new entity that will operate as a Single Entry Point of the OITB. Challenges and

1st review meeting of MASTRO Project

On 3-4 July 2019, AXIA Innovation together with other partners of MASTRO project participated in the fourth project meeting and first review meeting of the project that took place in Brussels. The meeting was held in order to assess the first 18 months of the project and discuss feedback on the activities carried out during

6M Meeting of the LightMe Project

AXIA Innovation attended the OITB 6M meeting of the LightMe EU project hosted by ISQ and EWF, in Lisbon, Portugal (1-2 July, 2019). AXIA and TimeLex opened the meeting by presenting the progress on the Establishment of the Non Profit Organization (NPO) that will be created during the progress of the project. As the leader

6M meeting of LEE-BED Project

On June 26th and 27th, 2019 the 6M meeting of LEE-BED project took place at ITENE in Valencia, Spain. Partners discussed recent results and planned future activities. AXIA is in charge of knowledge management and IPR strategy in the LEE-BED ecosystem. Also, AXIA will lead efforts to building capacities of the ecosystem and support the


Looking forward to collaborate with you

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